ITauthor podcast #33 – A history of RSS

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image Ever wondered how news and blog posts appear in Google Reader or how podcasts get onto your iPod? It’s largely thanks to something called RSS.

What does RSS stand for? Who invented it? What happened along the way? This podcast tells the story of RSS, from its earliest beginnings in 1995, through the births of XML, blogging and then podcasting, to the present day.

For the full script of this podcast, with lots of lovely pictures, look no further than:
This page also has a full list of references for all the quotes and clips I used.

No sooner had I recorded this podcast than it was out of date. Right at the end I describe Tim Bray as leaving Sun Microsystems. He has since taken the position of "Developer Advocate" at Google. I also said that the last Daily Source Code appeared in February 2009. That was true at the time but yesterday Adam Curry resurrected it with DSC822.

The music I play at the beginning and end of the show is by Amplifico. You can hear more of their music at Podshow.

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    [...] couple of weeks ago I published a podcast on the history of RSS. One thing I didn't mention was how some of the early uses of RSS are now pretty much defunct, [...]